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In order to best serve your smile and specific dental needs, we offer a wide array of dental services here in our Barrie office.


Full or partial dentures can help restore your smile, bite, and confidence. They’ll be custom-fitted, will look completely natural and hold many benefits for your oral health going forward.

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Kids Dentistry

Your children’s teeth need to be protected so they can continue to have optimal oral health through the next stages of their lives. We’ll also ensure they’re as comfortable as possible.

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Root Canal Treatment

An infected tooth pulp needs to be treated as soon as possible. While a root canal may have a bad reputation, we’re here to ease your mind through the process and relieve you of your pain.

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There are many benefits to Invisalign treatment. It’s a completely customized treatment that allows patients to straighten their teeth and improve their confidence in a virtually invisible manner.

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Dental Implants

Even just a single missing tooth can cause mayhem. We can replace the missing tooth and root with the help of dental implants. They’re made from titanium and surgically attached to your jawbone.

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Dental Crowns and Bridges 

Depending on how many teeth you’re missing, we’ll discuss dental crowns and dental bridges with you. Typically made from porcelain, they’re custom-fitted and look just like your surrounding natural teeth.

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Teeth Whitening

Yellow teeth can occur naturally with age, certain medications, and of course, certain foods and drinks. If you’re not happy with the colour of your smile, we can perform in-office teeth whitening.

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Dental Veneers

Made from very thin layers of porcelain, veneers are a great way to repair minor cracks, chips, or gaps in your smile. They’re incredibly durable, long-lasting, and natural-looking, allowing you to smile with confidence again.

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Our periodontal team can diagnose and treat early signs of periodontal disease. If detected early enough, signs can be reversed. Let’s work together to maintain your oral health through all stages of life.

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Tooth Fillings

After removing a cavity, we’ll use a white composite resin material that will mimic the look and feel of your natural teeth. It’ll help restore the tooth’s strength and can prevent further infection.

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Teeth Extractions

Tooth extraction may be needed for a couple of different reasons: you have an infection, suffered trauma, have periodontal disease, or impacted wisdom teeth. We’ll ensure you’re as comfortable as possible during treatment.

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